Healer Cloud

Mental vibes to fix you for good!

Healer Cloud

Healing Mental vibrations to maximize your pleasure!

We are a Tallinn, Estonia, and Helsinki, Finland based startup,
focusing on the new age medical technologies.

Our core competence is the recording of emotions as vibrations that we collect to our database and use to heal all kind of diseases. 

We have had success already with Migraine, Schizophrenia, PTSD and cancer patients.
On top of that, 

we are collecting all kind of vibrations of good emotions, also substances, and hallucinogenics so basically you could call us digital drug dealers.

The digital versions of drugs can be as strong as the real thing but the effect can be felt for a shorter period of time thus you can control the substance and make the "trip" better.

The healing vibrations are usually a combination of good emotional vibrations that we have been collecting for the time being of 24 months.

We have several development projects from different aspects to bring more steady results with medical equipment that can regulate the right amount, length and series of vibrations for the best healing results.

The best ready product that we got is the blockchain refiner that while operated synchronized with the blockchain has shown that it can help and heal effectively symptoms with migraine, schizophrenia, PTSD, and cancer. 

Now you have the possibility to join in the huge opportunity with our 1,5 billion potential customers with the planned 25€ monthly charge making the total revenue of 37,5 billion euros per month. From which 80% of the revenue is reserved for the friend referral program.  
Next steps are to develop a nice stable mobile phone usable version of this working desktop version and then do clinical studies from it.

We are collecting funds by selling our tokens that give the ownership right to our technology. 

There are several gift packets that include more prepared products in healing all of these above-mentioned diseases,
and a large list of less severe diseases.

They all need a certain amount of tokens to be bought by you or together with your friends so we will deliver these as gifts for you.

You may also choose to invest in our healing company and purchase any amount of the tokens after our simple sign up:

The new-age blockchain-based Healer Cloud vibration refiner that has been developed for 6 years.


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